Saving on Winter Heating

You can expect to spend about $875 heating your home this winter with natural gas, according to the Energy Information Administration.

That's good news compared to last year when higher fuel prices cost the average household 12 percent more. But if you want to increase those home heating savings in the long run, some energy efficient home improvements will boost your bottom line- and the government is offering an incentive to do it.

A thirty percent tax credit, up to 1500 dollars, is available through the end of this year when you buy certain energy efficient products like: certain types of energy-efficient windows insulation- which includes sealants like caulk, foam, and storm doors and energy-efficient heating systems like furnaces, water heaters, and boilers.

Heating accounts for 31 percent of your energy costs according to the EIA. You can also save money year round by replacing furnace filters, using programmable thermostats and sealing heating and cooling ducts. You can see all products eligible for a tax credit at