Flu Hits Area Children Hard

Amarillo, TX - Area doctor's clinics say they're overwhelmed.

Some are having to open early and stay late just to handle all of the children being brought in with flu-like symptoms.

This year's flu is hitting children the hardest. All you need to do is walk into several local classrooms to know the flu is affecting children in our area.

Several districts are reporting lower than average attendance, and some schools even have classrooms that are only half full.

Amarillo's Children's Clinic has seen 175 children with confirmed flu cases in just the past week.

The Family Medicine Clinic in Canyon says the majority of children walking through their doors have the flu as well.

Texas is no longer testing for H1N1, but health officials are treating every confirmed "Influenza A" case as a suspect H1N1 case.

Seven Texas children have died from H1N1 so far this flu season, but health experts say that's no reason to be alarmed.

Most children recuperate from the flu quickly and are not even hospitalized.

There have not been any flu deaths in our area.

If you have any questions about the flu, the state heath department has set up a new website where you can go to find answers.

Log on to www.texasflu.org for information on everything from how to stop spreading the flu to the latest news on vaccines. You can also call 2-1-1 for that same information.