"Injustice Needs to Change"


Some call it an injustice that needs to change --- victims of domestic violence being hurt even more in their workplace. Most companies have no policy about dealing with victims in the workplace -- which means, reactions from bosses are not regulated and can be devastating.

At Family Support Services, that's something they want to make sure no one has to go through ever again, so they would like local companies to add a policy like the one that follows:

Domestic Violence

Employees who are victims of domestic violence have the same rights and opportunities for employment, advancement, development, and benefits as all other employees. Employees shall not be disciplined or terminated solely because they have been victims of domestic violence, or because of fear of the impact of domestic violence on the workplace.

The Director of Crisis Services or the Executive Director will offer the following:

  • Help the employee devise a safety plan at work and at home for the victim and any involved children, request an emergency contact name and phone number if unable to reach the victim, and provide a list of appropriate community referrals including the National DV Hotline number which is 1-800-799-7233;
  • Request notification of any change in the victim's home address or phone number;
  • Request copies of protective orders or other court orders that will facilitate law enforcement response if it becomes necessary;
  • Request recent pictures of the abuser and any involved children along with physical descriptions; request the victim's permission to distribute these or keep them with the court orders for use only in enforcement situations;
  • All records related to the self-disclosure of domestic violence will be kept separate from the employee's personnel file in a secured location accessible to the employee and the Executive Director or designee;
  • Maintain communications with the employee during his/her absences; request an emergency contact name and phone number if unable to reach the victim.