Procedure Removes Breast Lumps Without Surgery

Mandy Boyer
Mandy Boyer

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - They go in on their lunch break, and are out just 20 minutes later...that is all it takes one local doctor to remove suspicious lumps from women's breasts.

The woman we are introducing you described herself as a big baby when it comes to health procedures.  When her doctor gave her a choice between surgery or a quick procedure to remove a non-cancerous lump from her breast, it was a no brainer.

Mandy Boyer's mother had breast cancer twice in a 13 year span.  Mandy says, "after the first time, she had a mastectomy and then the second time she had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She caught it early so she didn't have to go through chemo so when I found my lump i had it checked out."

She went in on her 36th birthday, the same age her mother was when she discovered her cancer.  She says, "my biopsy came back non cancerous but since my mom had breast cancer twice, my doctor requested I have the lump removed."

Mandy went to Dr. Rakhshanda Rahman, who has a different method of removing lumps.  She makes a small incision in the breast with a needle and sucks the lump out, using an ultrasound to guide her.  She says her patients prefer the method over surgery because it leaves a little scar and takes less than an hour.

When showing us the ultrasound, she said "this is what I'm seeing on the screen. Here is the lump, that's the needle coming in. There's the chamber right there. We put the needle underneath the lump and we kind of scrape through and get it out."

Dr. Rahman says her patients watch the whole thing and often feel empowered at being part of the procedure.

Mandy says if she finds another lump, she will do the whole thing again.