Alberto Gonzales speaks at Caprock and Palo Duro

Alberto Gonzales, Former Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales, Former Attorney General

by Larry Lemmon
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Texas Tech University has enlisted the help of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gonzales currently teaches political science at Texas Tech, and is also helping the university attract and retain minority students. Gonzales spoke today at Caprock and Palo Duro high schools. He says, "What I want to emphasize is that I come from a background that's similar to many of these kids. They may think they can't pay for a college education but you can find a way if you do it. And if you prepare yourself with a good education and appropriate training you can put yourself in the best possible position to achieve your dreams.

Gonzales served as Attorney General to President George W. Bush. He also served as White House Counsel. Judge Gonzales was also elected to the Texas Supreme Court