Nazareth gives CREZ input

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Nazareth, Texas - The community of Nazareth stands to benefit a great deal from the proposed CREZ transmission substation and related wind industries.

Thursday, Sharyland Utilities and its parent company, Hunt Transmission Services, held their latest public presentation to allow local landowners to communicate with them over proposed transmission lines. Most in Nazareth were happy.

Paul Schulze, Director of Government Affairs for Hunt says, Texas is, they call it the Saudi Arabia of wind, I mean, this is the best resources of the state and are located here."

One of the proposed CREZ substations will be built Southeast of Nazareth. The town has been working three years to get a Japanese Company's windfarm located near town. They've just been waiting for the transmission line.  Nazareth Mayor Ralph Borockman says, "It's going to help the school and that's one of our main concerns, is how do we keep the school going? And we think this will be a big big factor for that, you know, jobs, money, taxes."

But the future may not look so bright if the transmission line could pass over your house.  That's what John Welps discovered. "I don't really want to be against everything, against progress, but I don't necessarily want an electrical line when we have already purchased this house and got it the way we want to and then have that kind of interruption to our property."

Sharyland utilities has received a lot of feedback from their proposals.  Sherry Kunka says people have asked a variety of things, like, "Can you avoid my pivot irrigation system? Are you aware that I have corrals?"

But some may find the change more difficult than others.  Welps concludes, "I know we won't live underneath an electrical line whether it comes to them winning, or us winning, we won't live under one."

Sharyland Utilities will have two more public meetings this month and may have follow-ups. Nothing's decided yet.