Richard Elliott Gives a Rare Recital in Amarillo.

Amarillo will have a rare chance to see a world renown organist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.Richard Elliott will be performing Friday night at St. Andrews church in Amarillo.

Richard Elliott is the principle organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and has been for the last eighteen years. " The best part is just playing music that make people feel good" said Richard.

Elliott is in Amarillo for a rare recital at the St Andrews church tomorrow night.

The organ at the church came from the University of Texas, it is similar to what he plays on in Salt Lake City.

"One of the most thrilling organs I've played I feel right at home on it, it has made by the same builder that made the one I play every day at the Mormon tabernacle. I've enjoyed getting some sounds that maybe not everyone has heard out of this instrument, I'll be taking it for a good ride tomorrow."

The recital starts at 7pm , this is a once in a lifetime chance.