Flu Shots Fly Out Of Doctors' Offices & Pharmacies

Physician's Assistant John Adams, Amarillo Urgent Care
Physician's Assistant John Adams, Amarillo Urgent Care

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It seems the seasonal flu shot is nowhere to be found in Amarillo.

We talked with almost a dozen doctors and pharmacists Thursday and all said they were fresh out of the vaccine.

In fact, at Amarillo Urgent Care, three thousand doses of the shot were gone in just two weeks. The only type available now is for toddlers, which is posted on their doors.

Many other area doctors' offices and pharmacies have posted the same message to people looking for the shot.

The clinic has ordered more doses, and so have other doctors and pharmacists, but they do not plan on ordering too much more.

John Adams, a physician's assistant at Amarillo Urgent Care, says "what you don't want to have is...the vaccine changes from year to year, so it's not like we can just mothball and use it for next time. So you don't want to have a huge supply going unused."

Adams says many people were very concerned with the H1N1 flu, so they were vaccinated just to have some kind of defense against sickness.  But that does not mean doctors started vaccinations any earlier, despite the flu's early arrival.

Adams says, "it takes six to eight weeks to build up antibodies, so we try to get it in people in September or October so that by December the should be fully immune."

But Adams says since both types of flu already seem to be running rampant in our area, people with the vaccine are still getting sick because their antibodies have not built up yet.

As for the H1N1 vaccine, that vaccine has also been ordered and is expected to be here within a week or two.