Jury Foreman Apologizes to King's Victim's Family

Tommy Jones
Tommy Jones

The jury foreman in the Levi King murder trial is speaking out.

He's apologizing to the victim's family for not being able to give King the harshest punishment on the books.

The jury chose to give Levi King a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering a Pampa family while they were sleeping in their farmhouse in 2005.

In order to sentence King to death, all eleven women and one man on the jury would have had to agree.

One of those women held out, making that sentence impossible.

They deliberated for nearly eight hours, and the foreman says every minute was emotional, especially re-living the horrific crime scene photos.

Tommy Jones says, "I don't think I need counseling, but I've got to come to terms with our inability to give him the death penalty."

He says he doesn't understand why that one woman would not change her mind, especially after hearing King's reason for murdering three people and an unborn child.

"He told Dr. Kuhns that he did it to take his mind off his bad life. What kind of friggin excuse is that? What kind of reason? Hell, it's not even an excuse. What kind of reason is that?"

He says he wants to make sure the victim's family knows he did his best to make sure justice was served.