Confrontation Spurs Controversy In Borger

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Borger, Texas - Two agencies are investigating actions taken by the Borger Police Department after what police call a misunderstanding but witnesses say is a situation that spiraled out of control.

The scene that played out on Main Street Tuesday morning was one of the sidewalk crawling with police officers on motorcycles and in their cruisers, a fire truck, and an ambulance.

It started with a man who was walking down the sidewalk acting unusually.  Police say a motorcycle officer pulled up because he thought the man was drunk.  He asked him to stop walking but the man would not.

From here, the stories of witnesses and police start to differ.

Witnesses say the cop threw the man against the wall twice, and then threw him on the ground.  Cops say the man was resisting and the officer had to restrain him somehow, but deny any brutality.  However, witnesses say there clearly was something wrong with the man as he was flailing his arms and seemed to have no control over his legs - something they say the officer should have noticed and taken into account.

It all came to a head when police found the man's medical bracelet.  It turns out he has Huntington's disease, which causes uncontrolled movements and emotional disturbances.  The police chief says he called an ambulance and the man was taken to the hospital, treated, and released.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident to see if any criminal activity took place, while the police department is doing its own internal investigation to make sure no policies were violated.

All the officers involved are still on regular duty.  The police chief and several witnesses declined on-camera interviews.