Levi King sentenced to life in prison

The jury in the Levi King capital murder trial has given him a life sentence.

The Lubbock County jury returned to the courtroom with the sentencing decision of 3 life sentences without the possibility of parole.

It was clearly an emotional decision for the jury. Many cried as they walked into the court room and several broke down as the judge read the verdict. The victims family broke down as well holding hands and sobbing. King was stone faced. The victim's family called him an example of evil in society, looked him in the eye and said you'll have to face god on judgement day.

King was immediately taken to the sheriff's office so we could not speak with him. We did speak, though, with his defense team as well as the prosecution. The two teams did not agree on much throughout the trial, but they did agree that there are no winners in this case.

King will serve out his prison term in Missouri, where he is already serving a life sentence for murdering two people, just hours before murdering the Conrad/Doan family in Pampa.