DATE: 9/06/2009
TIME:  11:12 AM
CASE NUMBER: 09-122910
INCIDENT TYPE: Escaped suspect-DPS suspect
OFFICER SUBMITTING RELEASE: Sgt. Barbee/Crime Prevention Unit

DETAILS: At 11:12 AM, APD units were called to assist the Department of Public Safety troopers looking for a suspect that left the area of the DPS Office at 4200 Canyon Drive.  At this point, the APD has no information on the circumstance surrounding the DPS contact with the individual prior to his flight.  The missing suspect is Raul Rojas AKA Ignacio Balderas HM 49.  He was described as being 5 ft. 5, weighing 220 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.  He was last seen wearing a grey fleece shirt.  No other clothing information is available at this point.  He was last seen on foot in the area of the 3300 block of S. Rusk at around the time APD was notified.  He is wanted for a parole violation related to a narcotics offense out of Colorado. At one point, as many as 14 APD units (including motor officers) were involved in the search, but all APD units are now back in service and on regular calls. We will continue to check on situations when people believe that they have seen this person. We have no information on whether or not this person is armed.