UPDATED: Fugitive has been captured

NewsChannel 10
By KFDA Assignments Desk


Amarillo, TX - The escaped DPS fugitive has been captured in the 3400 block of South Austin around 2pm.  More details as they become available.


Amarillo police confirm a manhunt is underway near 34th street and Canyon E-Way for a fugitive who ran from the Randall County Annex building. Police say they suspect was brought in to the DPS office by a trooper, then fled the building.

Police say the suspect is a Hispanic male, 5'5", 200 lbs, wearing a gray "Police" t-shirt, and blue jeans. Several sightings have been reported in the 3300 block of Rusk, the Wal Mart on I-27 and Georgia, and 3400 block of Ong. The suspect may be located at a home in the Wolflin area.

Amarillo ISD confirms that Coronado Elementary, Austin Middle School, and Wolflin Elementary are all under lockdown until further notice. Parents are discouraged from picking up their children, but they will be allowed to do so.

Parents must contact the school if they decide to pick up their child. AISD says all students are safe and the lockdown is a precaution. Classes will resume inside the school, but doors to the outside will have security stationed at all entrances.

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