Meth lab house for sale

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A house that was used to cook meth has been put up for sale and some buyers are reportedly interested.

Four people were arrested and two children taken away from a Randall County house in late August.

The owner of the house says he was unaware his tenants were using the house as a meth lab. He told us then he planned to bulldoze the property because of the environmental hazard.

But now he wants to sell it.

1904 Greg Street in Randall County is a mess and it's been for sale about a week. The chemicals used when cooking meth can go into the floorboards, the walls, concrete, even the ground around the house.

Kory Sargent, the owner, says he can't afford to bulldoze it.  "There's still a lot of stuff out there that's not destroyed. Valuable materials for people. So I've decided I'm just going to sell it on my own and let them do with it what they want."

He also says he's been up front with potential buyers about the house's history.  "Oh, definitely. Yes. I'm not going to hide that anyway."

Only last year did the state of Texas require disclosure of a meth history.  Paul French of French and Company Realtors says of the disclosure notice, "On the second page it says, it asks the seller, previous use of premises for the manufacture of methamphetamine. It means, that seller, if he knew about it, he has to say yes or no... There are tremendous penalties for the seller not doing the seller disclosure. They're violating the property code."

Sargent does not expect a profit.  "Without a doubt I'll never get out of it what I put into it."

But here's the kicker. Banks are exempt from the disclosure.  If you're buying a foreclosure, be aware.