Cash For Clunkers Boosts Local Economy, Weeks After it Ends

Linda Pittman, Dulaney Auto Parts
Linda Pittman, Dulaney Auto Parts
Joe Krizan, Moss Body Shop
Joe Krizan, Moss Body Shop

by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - They're hoping they can turn the clunkers into cash... And even save you some money in the process.

Several local salvage yards are cashing in on the federal program, and you can too. Linda Pittman with Dulaney Auto Parts says, "We thought we'd get a few, but we ended up with more than 400 vehicles."

That's more than 400 clunkers that will need to be processed and inventoried, and then sold for parts... All within the next five months. "We've hired an extra person. It may take a little Saturday and Sunday work, but we'll get it done."

And it's work they're happy to do... All of those extra parts mean a lot of extra business for Dulaney Auto Parts. "So now we have a lot of sheet metal, front ends, doors, glass, that sort of thing that we didn't have."

Local body shops are taking full advantage of the rare opportunity to purchase used parts in relatively good condition. "One body shop came in and bought like three front ends off pick ups, a couple of doors and stuff that he was just gonna put in stock, so to speak."

Joe Krizan with Moss Body Shop says, "It does allow us a different avenue we didn't have before because we've got a lot of parts in salvage yards." That additional avenue could mean you'll pay less next time your car needs repairing... If the clunker parts are in good enough condition, those can be used instead of ordering brand new ones.

"The guys that are driving the old model cars, a lot of them don't have full coverage insurance so they're having to pay for some of those repairs out of their pocket. This will allow us used parts to be able to go out and find those components to fix those cars."

Salvage yards can sell everything except for the motor itself and the frame.