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No Shots, No School

Brenda Adams, AISD's Director of Student Health Services Brenda Adams, AISD's Director of Student Health Services

Starting this week, local students could be turned away from their own schools. Administrators are sending the message loud and clear... No shots, no school.

The clock is ticking... Parents only have two more days to make sure their kids have the proper shots.

That means all Texas school children need to be vaccinated by this Thursday, October first. With every needle, Amarillo becomes closer to meeting the state requirements, meaning every child needs to have their shots.

But, there are still hundreds of children all across the Texas Panhandle who are without those vaccinations.

AISD's Director of Student Health Services Brenda Adams says, "They will no longer be allowed to attend school unless they bring those shot records in and show the proof that they've had the vaccines."

And for every day those children are not in school, the school district loses money. Amarillo ISD loses $26.75 in state funding per child, per day if they're not in school.

That can add up quickly... Lets say all 150 AISD 7th graders who are currently missing their shots do not meet the Thursday deadline. That means AISD will lose out on $4,012 for every day those children are absent.

AISD's Holly Shelton says, "We're always concerned about funding. The larger issue for the school district is the loss of class time. It can put a child behind and sometimes keep a child struggling for the semester or the rest of the year."

There are countless facilities across our area offering vaccinations, but the Health Department is issuing this list of places:

Planned Parenthood, 1502 S. Taylor

Hillside Family Clinic, PA, 5901 S. Bell Suite C-28

Northwest Texas Healthcare System, 814 Martin Road

D&S Pharmacy, 3500 NE 24th

D&S Pharmacy, 3324 S. Georgia

Remedies Pharmacy, 25 Medical Drive

Southpark Pharmacy, 5901 S. Bell at Hillside

City of Amarillo Department of Public Health holds clinics every Friday from 8AM - 11AM and 1PM - 4PM. That address is 1411 Amarillo Boulevard East.

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