Dead Beat Parents

More parents than ever before are failing to provide for their children.

According to court documents, the amount of back child support liens filed in Randall County last year was 49.

This year - it's 508 --- each one of those representing a family in need.

At 50 years old Johnny Anderson agreed to raise his granddaughter Hope.

On a fixed income he depends on the money from her biological parents.

But both Hope's mom and dad have had trouble finding work -- so now, they owe Anderson more than $7,000 of back child support.

But until he gets that money, Anderson has to take cash out of his retirement savings for things like day care, groceries and doctor's visits.

So he's taking action.

Anderson had a Lien filied against Hope's parents.

Liens like that have gone up this year by 936 percent.

The local office recently devoted an attorney to do nothing but file these liens.

But no matter why there's an increase, Anderson just hopes these liens work.

We also talked to people who say even the need to devote a full time staffer to this tool shows failure to pay child support is a serious problem -- that's growing.