Shake-up at Baptist St. Anthony's Hospital

John Hicks
John Hicks

Amarillo, TX--John Hicks leadership role at BSA has come to an end, after 13 years at that hospital.

In a press release, the company does not explain why Hicks left the organization. Their spokeswoman, Mary Barlow, would only say that Hicks did not resign and that he did not retire.

When I asked her if Hicks had been fired, she would only say the decision made between the board of directors and Hicks was between them. She also disputed any claims that Hicks had been escorted out of the building.

But to hear from Hicks himself; NewsChannel 10 went to his home, where his wife informed us that he did not want to make an official statement at this time.

BSA Vice-President Bob Williams is serving as Interim CEO, until the hospital finds a replacement. Barlow says that process could take months.

In the meantime, a hospital board chairman says there will be no impact on patient care from this change in management.