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Some Local Owners Say "Fair Bad for Business"

Chris Reed, Tri-State Exposition President Chris Reed, Tri-State Exposition President
Scott Mitchell, Scott's Oyster Bar Scott Mitchell, Scott's Oyster Bar

The Tri-State Fair is bad for business, according to some local owners. Many say September is their worst month for business... And they're pointing fingers at the fair. Some are speaking out.

Whether they're coming for the corn dogs and funnel cakes...or for the roller coasters... One thing is for sure... they're coming out to the Tri-State Fair by the thousands.

Tri-State Exposition President Chris Reed says, "We've had 50,000 people walk through the gates." While the fairgrounds are bustling with people, at many local restaurants it's vastly different... Nothing but empty chairs and vacant parking lots.

At Taco's Garcia on Ross, sales are down about 30%. Marcella Vasquez says, "It's kinda like oh I need some tables because I'm bored. It's been pretty slow."

Scott Mitchell, who owns Scott's Oyster Bar, says, "Business is off huge. I mean thirty percent. This week alone, probably thirty to thirty five percent. Like yesterday's lunch, Wednesday's lunch, we did a third of what we normally do."

After twenty years of seeing sales slump in September, he's had enough. So he put up a banner reading "Support the Local Economy. Boycott the Fair." He says, "Everybody's said it for years, just nobody puts it up. I just happened to put it up." 

Scott realizes that one sign isn't going to stop the fair from coming back every year, but he's hoping it at least gets people thinking. Most people go through their everyday lives, they don't think about what something like the fair, when it comes to town, how it affects the rest of the local economy."

Scott's Oyster Bar and Tacos Garcia are not alone in their sales slumps... We spoke with several others on the phone who confirm business slows down when the fair is in town. 

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