Suspected H1N1 Flu Cases in Dimmitt

Dimmitt, TX--It starts with symptoms of the common flu.

"It started with a real bad cough, then a headache, my bones were hurting, I couldn't feel anything," said a Dimmitt High School student diagnosed with a strand of the flu.

And he isn't alone. Nineteen others in his home town have been feeling the same way.

"[The doctor] came back and said I have swine flu," he explained about the day he was tested. "Fastest one to test positive."

What he tested positive for is Type-A influenza, which state health officials say is considered a suspect case of the swine flu.

And now school officials are getting the word out.

"We are putting a letter out today," said Dimmitt ISD Superintendent Les Miller. "We were contacted yesterday and told that we had up to 20 cases that had been diagnosed and that's the first time we were contacted."

This student was diagnosed on Monday. And for his family, the two-day delay is unacceptable.

"[My parents]are mad. They should have done something earlier," the student noted.

Dimmitt ISD's Superintendent says they are doing more than before to help prevent spreading the disease.

"Like our maintenance custodial staff are taking extra precautions," Miller added. "Cleaning the restrooms more thoroughly,and more times a day than they normally do."

"I just don't want anybody else to get it cause it hurts bad. And I know what it feels like and I don't want anybody feeling how I felt this week," he assured.

Suffering from a disease that officials warn is very contagious.