Pawn Shops Boom During Fair Week

Chris Berry, Amarillo Pawn & Gun
Chris Berry, Amarillo Pawn & Gun

People are doing what ever is necessary to make sure they have enough money to pay for a trip to the Tri-State Fair.

Whether it's applying for a payday loan or pawning valuable items, local business owners say they've seen a surge in customers hoping to make some quick cash.

David Erwin, who owns Erwin Pawn, says, "It starts right when the fair cranks up... Boom we get busy. Tools, musical instruments, jewelry, we see alot of guns, game systems."

Most folks coming into pawn shops are looking for between $100 and $150. That translates into about a 20 - 30% increase in business.

Chris Berry with Amarillo Pawn & Gun says, "Yeah, a lot of repeat business.

Once you figure out it's cheaper than the alternative of overdraft protection, it makes sense to come down here."

Every pawn shop we spoke with said the most popular item to pawn this year was game systems like the Wii and Xbox.