Prison Escapee Still on the Loose...Could be Headed to Amarillo

by: Kristen Guilfoos

- Amarillo -

A dangerous prison escapee with ties to Amarillo is still running from authorities, as of Tuesday night.

On Monday night, we reported that Joshua Duane Barnes was captured in Dallas. That information from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, turned out to be incorrect. The TDCJ issued a retraction, confirming barnes is still on the loose.

Authorities believe he is arms and dangerous.

It appears as though Josh Barnes did not learn his lesson the first two times... This is the third time he's escaped police custody in a year and a half.

He's been on the run since Saturday night, after escaping from a prison hospital in Galveston... Where he knocked a hole in the wall and punched through a window.

Jason Clark with the TDVJ says, "He tied bedsheets together to scale down about five stories to this adjacent building and from here he managed to get down to the street level."

From there, he went to Dallas, where he broke into a home and attacked the woman inside. Michelle Cox says, "He pushed me down to the ground, tried to strangle me, had his hand on my mouth and told me if I spoke, he would kill me."

Obviously, no one knows exactly where he headed next, but authorities do know he has ties to the Texas Panhandle and could be coming back home.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says, "With the indication that he's in the Dallas area, that kinda leads us to believe well he may be making his way here."

Barnes has a history of coming up with clever ways to make a quick getaway. The first time was at the Potter County Courthouse in June of 2008.

The Sheriff says, "He was in court, was asked to come to the stand and took off on foot." And yet another escape from the Potter County jail rec area just four months later. "He ended up crawling up and getting out through some mesh wire they had at the top of the facility."

In both cases, barnes was caught within four days. He was serving a 35 year sentence for several robberies and an aggravated assault.

This most recent escape could add as many as twenty years to his sentence.