Misleading Advertisement on Hispanic Media

Amarillo, TX--Hundreds of people say they have fallen victim to a new promotion targeting Hispanics. And it has made its way to our area.

Fidencio Quiñones, Amarillo resident, first learned of the deal on a local radio spot from go relax travel. He says the advertisement promised a free vacation to Florida and Las Vegas, after answering a question correctly.

But there was a catch.

He'd have to pay a fee of $250 to book the vacation. According to the Better Business Bureau, this is a red flag for consumers.

"People, you didn't win anything," said Janna Kiehl, spokeswoman for BBB in Amarillo. "It's not a prize. What you have made is a purchase. And what you have purchased is typically a very tough lesson. And that is about all."

The BBB has given the company an "F" rating for 118 complaints filed over the past year and their failure to respond to those claims.

The owner of the Florida-based company tells NewsChannel 10 this rating is "unfair." He adds they have responded to most of the claims and so far have given refunds to almost 90percent of those cases.