New 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate

When you head to the polls to decide on our next governor, you'll see one more name on the ballot.

Democratic candidate Hank Gilbert announced his run for office at Amarillo College earlier today.

Gilbert touts public education reform as one of his top priorities, saying, "I'm going to stop the dropout rate; I'm going to cut it way back, and I'm going to create a well-educated, skilled workforce in this state, and a well-educated, productive college body in this state to put this state back on the road to prosperity."

The candidate also supports a five thousand dollar pay raise for texas schoolteachers.

Texas ranks 41st in the nation for high school graduation rate and 34th in the nation for public schoolteacher salaries.

Gilbert started in Dallas this morning before continuing to Amarillo, Lubbock, and El Paso on the first day of his campaign tour.

You can learn more about Gilbert and his policies by following the link below.