New Way to Keep Kids Safe at Tri-State Fair

It will now be easier than ever to find your child if you become separated at the Tri-State Fair. The Red Cross is stepping in to help your child stay safe. During last year's fair, nearly fifty children were separated from their parents... With many of them not being re-united for several hours.

"It's a parent's worst nightmare." Your child is there one minute, and gone the next. "In the elevator. My oldest took a ride up without me. It was terrifying." Jennifer Lovett never wants to go through that again... So she brought her son Wade to the Red Cross tent at the Tri-State Fair to get a wristband.

Karen Ott, a Red Cross volunteer, says, "We'll take the parents cell phone number, write it on the wristband, put it on the child. It would be a lot easier for us to find the parents. We can call them and say your child is at the red cross office."

After nearly 50 kids were separated from their parents last year, including some as young as one year old, the Red Cross came up with the wrist band approach for this year... And parents are taking full advantage of it.

Ott says, "We started out with approximately 150 wristbands and I'm gonna have to go get more and we just started Friday."

Here's another way to make sure your child is returned to you safely... Pay close attention to what they're wearing. Your description is often the only thing officials have to go on when searching the fairgrounds for your child.

Lt. Dee Aduddell with the Potter County Sheriff's Department says, "We've had lost children and the parents report a clothing description on the children and then once we find the child there's no match at all to what they've given us." These wristbands are free and you can grab one at the Red Cross tent at the fair.