Playwright Hall hopes to make it right with parents

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - His show business has become controversial this summer. Todrick hall has written and directed "CinderellaRock" and "Oz, The Musical."

He's from Plainview. He was a dancer for the Llone Star Ballet and an actor in Oprah Winfrey's production of "The Color Purple" on Broadway.

Hall directed and wrote the story and music for his shows, including "CinderellaRock", which include local kids.  That show, in Amarillo, and others were canceled this summer, leaving some parents holding the bag.

Now Hall says he wants to make it right with tomorrow night's production of "Oz, The Musical".

The show plays in cities all over America but recently he says, the show got so big it got out of his hands. Usually parents pay money to have their kids attend a workshop before they perform in the show. In some cities, including Amarillo, the show would be cancelled, leaving the parents feeling cheated.

Hall says, "Unfortunately it just got too big too fast and so, now I'm taking the responsibility to try to fix everything so that these kids will know that this is a really good project."

He says all the proceeds of this show will go toward paying parents back. "All the money that's made from the Oz the Musical, here and in Plainview and Lubbock will go toward paying the kids back, from not just this musical but "Oz the Musical", "CinderellaRock", the people who paid to be a part of the show and never got to perform the show."

Parents did not pay for this production and they're happy their kids are involved.  Bernie Sanders, who has two kids in the production says, "Where did we ever think this could be possible in Amarillo, Texas?"

And Tiernii Jackson, who plays Dorothy says, "I think I've enjoyed working with the kids the most, the Munchkins and everything. They always just make my day."

"Oz, The Musical will play tomorrow night only at 7:30 at the Globe News Center for the Performing Arts.