School Speaker Responds To Allegations Of "Crazy" Behavior

School Speaker Responds To Allegations Of "Crazy" Behavior

Posted on September 18th, 2009

Amarillo, Texas -  On the heels of our NewsChannel 10 exclusive about bizarre behavior at a school assembly, the speaker whom students called crazy defended his behavior at our studios Friday morning.

Daron Norwood left this studio just minutes ago after defending his speech on Tuesday. He said it was nothing different that the other motivational speeches he has given for the past 12 years.

Norwood says he travels the country as a speaker to help kids stay off drugs.

In Panhandle on Tuesday, students said he acted very strangely, using inappropriate language and telling them to shut up. But Friday morning, Norwood said while his antics may be unconventional, he touches lives and wants to keep kids off drugs.

He also said he is sorry for the way everything has gone down in Panhandle, and apologized openly to the town as a whole. But he said he did nothing different on Tuesday that he had done in previous presentations.  He added he is sorry for the way people in Panhandle "misconstrued" what he did.

Students told NewsChannel 10 on Thursday Norwood ran around the gym yelling at them and eventually used inappropriate language. A teacher pulled the fire alarm to end the assembly.