How Texans in the House voted on ACORN defunding

AP - How Texans voted in the 345-75 roll call Thursday by which the House amended the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009 to deny all federal funds to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, commonly known as ACORN.

A "yes" vote was a vote to pass the amendment.

Democrats - Cuellar, Y; Doggett, Y; Edwards, Y; Gonzalez, Y; Green, Al, N; Green, Gene, Y; Hinojosa, Y; Jackson-Lee, N; Johnson, E. B., N; Ortiz, Y; Reyes, Y; Rodriguez, Y.

Republicans - Barton, Y; Brady, Y; Burgess, Y; Carter, Y; Conaway, Y; Culberson, Y; Gohmert, Y; Granger, Y; Hall, Y; Hensarling, Y; Johnson, Sam, Y; Marchant, Y; McCaul, Y; Neugebauer, Y; Olson, Y; Paul, X; Poe, Y; Sessions, Y; Smith, Y; Thornberry, Y.