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Businesses concerned about potential sign regulation

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - More than fifty business owners and concerned citizens showed up at city hall Tuesday to express opinions about potential sign regulation.

There seemed to be some misunderstanding about what the Sign Regulation Advisory Committee is focusing on. They are not trying to regulate real estate or garage sale signs.

They're trying to come up with an ordinance that would update what they've had since 1968. On the other hand, most people in the room said they like it the way it is but rules should be enforced.

Enforcement seemed to be on the mind of most opposition who didn't want change. They want the existing rules to be followed. And they're worried about the effect on small business.

Bob Lee, co-owner of The Big Texan says in a changing environment, signs are the best form of advertisement. "Signs are a much needed medium in Amarillo. It's hard to trust a lot of the other old standbys."

Still, many were happy with the turnout at the meeting.  Michael Wellborn of Wellborn Sign Company says, "I think the business people represented what they really want out of the consigned committee and what they want out of the city commission.

Dusty Maguire of Keep Amarillo Beautiful, who is on the committee says, "But really, we're just studying it and we chose to listen to these people in business or in the sign business. The big thing is that the ordinances have not been changed. They need to have some change and some of these temporary signs that are ragged and so forth must be eliminated."

We also learned tonight the moratorium on new signs might be extended.

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