Levi King: Day 6

Day Six of the Levi King Punishment Phase was the most emotional one yet throughout his capital murder trial. The prosecution began with calling 14-year-old Robin Doan to the stand. She was ten at the time her family was murdered, and was the sole survivor of the attacks. She recalls her Mom's screams waking her up the morning of September 30, 2005. She says she didn't know what was happening so she went to her bedroom doorway and crouched down. She then heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallway, so she ran back and jumped in her bed. She saw a dark figure standing at her doorway, she heard gunshots and felt the bullets whiz past her body, but she laid very still. She said she saw King go into her brother's room, heard gunshots and Zack groan. She said she then heard King go into the kitchen and rattle around in there for a while. She said she was terrified to move, so she laid there for a while and then went outside to call 911.

She cried as she said that she misses her mom, step dad and brother terribly. She said she really missed her mom this year, during several big milestones in her life, including the 8th grade dance and her first day of high school. King's defense team asked her if there was anything else she's like to say and she just said no and broke down crying.

The next person to take the witness was Robert Douglas, who was a very good friend of Zack Doan's. He described Zack as a joker, someone who lived in the moment, and was always trying to help others.

Michell Conrad's sister, Christy Powell, then took the stand. She and her husband are currently taking care of Robin. She cried several times throughout her testimony, saying Brian Conrad was a great guy with good, old-fashioned values. She said Michell was a fighter, someone who always wanted her children to have more than she had. She said Zack was handsome, well-liked and hungry all the time. She said life is a daily struggle ever since the incident, and that it's especially hard around the holidays. She said Robin is one of the strongest people she's ever met and that she doesn't try to fill her sister's shoes and be Robin's mom because she knows she can never take her place.

Zack and Robin's father, Johnny Doan, took the stand next. He said Robin called him after the incident, saying "Daddy, Daddy, they're all in the house and they've all been shot." He said he can't explain the feeling, it's just so empty. He says he's still in disbelief and he says Zack's death left "a great big void, an emptiness that cannot be replaced. I miss that boy so bad it's not even funny."

The last person to take the stand on Friday was Sharon Conrad, Brian Conrad's mother. She said there just are not any words to describe it unless you've lived through such a horrible, horrendous crime like this one. She said their lives changed forever on September 30, 2005. She looked Levi King straight in the eyes and said Brian would have done anything to protect his family, and his unborn child, but now "he'll never have the chance."

The prosecution rested their case on Friday around noon. The jury was recessed early and the defense will begin presenting their case on Monday morning at 8:00 in the Lubbock County Courthouse.