Levi King Trial So Far: A Summary

The jury has heard from the prosecution, and on Monday, Levi King's defense team will have the chance to persuade the jury that king does not deserve the death penalty for murdering a Pampa family back in 2005.

Just a brief rundown of King's background... He went on a two state killing spree in September of 2005... Killing two people in Missouri, then hours later driving to Pampa and shooting three people there.

He is already serving life without parole for the Missouri killings.

He pleaded guilty to the Pampa killings, and is now going through the punishment phase to determine if he should spend the rest of his life behind bars or get the death penalty.

The Gray County District Attorney spent six days presenting her case to the court... Calling more than a dozen witnesses to take the stand.

It began with an emotional audio recording of the 9-1-1 phone call made by the sole survivor of the attacks... who was then a ten year old girl. Several officials and investigators then took the stand, with one of them saying King looked "straight through him with an evil stare" during questioning.

Others said King appeared very calm and emotionless as he confessed both murders. And the jury got to see his demeanor for themselves as well, as taped confessions were played for the courtroom.

Others who took the stand include people who King had victimized in the past... One man whose home he burned down, and another he stole from. The prosecution rested their case on Friday, but not before several of the victim's family members have extremely emotional testimonies, with one them calling calling king's actions a "horrendous and evil crime."

The defense will begin presenting their case Monday morning at 8. We will have a NewsChannel team inside the courtroom in Lubbock and we'll be bringing you the latest throughout the week.