Missing Dimmitt Woman's Friends Form "Posse" To Find Her

Dimmitt Police Chief Ray Aleman
Dimmitt Police Chief Ray Aleman

Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Dimmitt, Texas - It is a race against the clock for Dimmitt residents in the search for their friend who vanished on Monday.

Jonette Hamilton Woods suffers from Alzheimer's and is also on oxygen, which police do not believe she has with her.

A silver alert was issued by the Department of Public safety but expired on Wednesday.

That is why today, her friends formed what they call a "posse" to ensure her safe return.

Known in Dimmitt as Jo, 72 year old Jonette Hamilton Woods was last seen at the Allsup's around four Monday morning.

Jo's friend Peggy Broadstreet says it is unusual because "this is not like her to just disappear off the face of the earth. She's just very well thought of, she used to work for the city of Dimmitt. Everyone knows Jo, we are all very concerned."

That is why residents and law enforcement had a meeting Friday to enhance the search by digging deeper in the city and Castro County, hoping to ultimately bring Jo home.

Dimmitt Police Chief Ray Aleman says, "I think we can. I think we can. If the community pulls together like now as well as assistance from other agencies and the citizens of Texas, I think we can possibly bring her home."

Until then, Jo's friends want her to know one thing: "we love you so much. We are so concerned about you and we just want you home with us again."

Jo's car is a 1996 white Mercury Cougar and police say she had a full tank of gas when she disappeared.  Police want everyone to know if you see her or her car, do not touch anything.

Instead, call the police at 647-4545 or the Castro County Sheriff's Office at 647-3311 or 9-1-1.

Police also say they are still questioning Jo's husband as standard procedure.  They would not say if they suspect foul play.