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Police give details of Browning shooting

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The man shot by an Amarillo police officer last night remains in critical condition and has been identified as 24-year-old Wayne Bramblet.

Police today held a press conference to offer more details on the incident last night at 910 Browning.

Police were called to the scene at 8:47 Thursday night and found Bramblet screaming at a woman with whom he had a domestic relationship, who sat in a car.

Police say they ordered Bramblet several times to drop the semi-automatic weapon he carried.

Lt. Gary Trupe of the Amarillo Police Department says, "During all this time he is kind of moving the gun around. He's pointing it back and forth, either pointing at the girl or pointing it at the officers. At one time he turns around and tells the officer, shoot me. And the officers are there, they have their guns out, they're trying to negotiate with Mr. Bramblet."

Police say another officer with an AR-15 rifle, Blake Henchcliff was put into place and given instructions to fire if he detected a difference in Bramblet's actions.

About twenty minutes after the confrontation began, Henchcliff fired and struck bramblet in the throat.

An investigation is ongoing of Henchcliff who is on a three-day administrative leave, which is normal under such circumstances. Blake Henchcliff has been part of the Amarillo Police department since 2005.

After many officers had told Bramblet to lower his semi-automatic weapon, a supervisor assigned Henchcliff to provide protection for officers at the scene.

He set up behind a car parked partially in the street.  Lt. Trupe says, "As he's watching Mr. Bramblet he sees him make a motion with his gun that he feels that Mr. Bramblet is either going to shoot the person in the car or one of the officers. he felt that he needed to protect those lives. He shot the AR-15 one time which struck Mr. Bramblet in the throat or in the neck. Mr. Bramblet immediately fell, dropping the gun."

Police are considering charges against Bramblet but have not filed any at this time.

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