Woman Says Layoff is Death Sentence

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Layoffs today for the second time this year at a major local employer, but there might be more to them than just the bad economy. While downswing is always tough, a Baptist Saint Anthony's spokeswoman said they had no choice because of the bad economy, growth in medicaid patients and people with insurance who just don't pay their deductibles.

But down the road at a competitor hospital, they're facing all the same issues as BSA, except they've seen their revenues go up.

Perhaps one reason for the difference is because BSA just lost an exclusive contract with First Care insurance company.

First Care couldn't afford to pay the prices BSA wanted, so now all of that business is going to Northwest Texas.

And several hospital insiders told us today that the layoffs probably happened because BSA has always been a little over staffed.

But no mater what's causing the layoffs, fact is - 50 people are still out of work, leaving some struggling to survive.