Levi King... Day Three

Day three of Levi King's sentencing phase began at 8:00 this morning with several border patrol agents being called to the stand. Here is a synopsis of what the agents testified:

It was discovered that Levi King fled to Mexico sometime after murdering the Pampa family. He then was taken into custody coming back over the border into Texas at the US/Mexico border near El Paso later that night on September 30, 2005. The agent who stopped him said he appeared very nervous and was shaking. When asked for ID, King gave him several false IDs, including an agricultural card belonging to Brian Conrad, one of the victims in the Pampa slayings. When asked if he had any weapons to declare, King said he did have one weapon in the truck. King was ordered out of the vehicle and taken to a room for questioning. Several other border patrol agents said King answered their questions very matter of factly, with short answers. They said he displayed little or no emotion - calling him cold and emotionless. One agent said King appeared to look straight through him with an "evil stare." They were all surprised King did not act like others who are stopped usually act. He did not ask any questions about what was happening, why he was being questioned or what was going to happen to the truck he was driving. While King was being questioned, several other weapons were found inside his car, including an AK 47 (the weapon later discovered to have been used in the Pampa murders) and a 9 millimeter handgun.

Once King gave authorities his real name, it was discovered that there was a warrant out for his arrest for a double homicide in Missouri. It was also discovered that the truck he was driving was stolen from Missouri as well. King was eventually turned over the El Paso police. They would then work with Missouri authorities to sort out the incidents.

The guns found in the car King was driving, along with the boots and jacket he was wearing, were all brought out of the evidence lockers and displayed in court for the jury to see.

Later in the afternoon, a taped interview with King and an El Paso homicide detective was played for the courtroom. It was taped a few hours after King's capture at the border. For the entire 40 minute interview, King appeared very calm and emotionless. At times he did speak slowly and seem king of confused. On the tape he admits to taking several guns from his father. He admits to murdering two people in Missouri. He says he shot the man once in the head and as for the woman, he says he "just kept shooting until she stopped moving." He admits he then stole their car and took off. He does not admit to the Pampa murders during this interview. He does tell the detective that he fled to Mexico in hopes of escaping consequences in the United States. As for why he came back into America shortly after, King says he panicked and didn't realize he was on the road that led back to the US. By the time he realized it, he said during the interview, it was too late.

Interesting side note.... During the first day of the trial, we could see King's face and could see the emotions (or lack thereof) he was displaying. The second day King sat with his back facing us, so we could not see his emotions but we could see his actions. Today, when we walked into the courtroom, there was large black screen blocking King and his defense team from our view, so we were not able to see his emotions or actions.