Bambi Lynn Dick's family says goodbye

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It was a journey 26 years in the making but Bambi Lynn Dick's family have finally laid her to rest.

They held a memorial today at Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Earlier this year Amarillo's Jane Doe, buried in 1983, was identified as Iowa's Bambi Lynn Dick. The photograph on her headstone reveals the person who remained unidentified for 26 years.

Her parents were too ill to make the journey but her two brothers and a nephew held this ceremony to honor her memory.  Paul Dick, Bambi's brother says, "We always thought that someday that she'd maybe knock on the door and have two kids and a house and a white picket fence. At least we found out where she was."

Bambi's body had been found near Amarillo in 1983. She'd been murdered. Unidentified, police found few clues, but do have recent leads that they expect to follow.  Lt. Gary Trupe, Detective with the Amarillo Police Department says, "Still, the question is what she was doing in Texas? Where was she coming from and was she coming to see somebody, or was she just driving through the state with somebody, so, we're not any closer to answering that question and we're not any closer today to answer who killed her."

Paul Dick says that's what he wants now, to find her killer. But he says he's touched by the treatment his sister received in Amarillo.  Paul Dick says, "And people were so kind. It's beyond my expectation, you know? There's just not the words I can put it into."