TAKS Test Phased Out By 2012

By Jeff Stebbins
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - As your child begins the school year, educators re-open a debate in their policies.  The TAKS test is edging closer to its own disappearance, with instructors and administrators questioning its validity.

Since 2003, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test has been the accepted standard required for graduation.  But many teachers want a different academic policy that would replace the TAKS with a more subjective classroom experience.

In that vein, Senate Bill 1031, passed unanimously in both chambers in 2007, will gradually phase out the TAKS test by the year 2012 in lieu of three end-of-course exams in four core subjects.

Instructors say the problem lies not in the test's existence, but in its perceived importance, as Dr. William Summerhill of Ascension Academy explains, "I think the reason it's being phased out probably has something to do with the fact that educators have said, 'The spirit behind it is very good - the execution of it and the practicality of it leaves something to be desired.'  So I think there will always be some standardized measurements, but the key is, are the ones we're using accurate and helpful?"