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Canadian River busy Labor Day Weekend

by Larry Lemmons

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas, Several hundred people showed up at the Canadian River this Labor Day Weekend for off-road recreation.  Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens Shane Lewis and Steve Urben arrested a man for public intoxication and cited many for not wearing helmets.

Game Wardens don't just chase poachers.  Although Dove season began last week there were no hunters at the river.  It would have been too noisy, anyway.  Wardens are state peace officers.  Shane Lewis says, "As state peace officers we still have the same training as far as officer standards.  Urben agrees, "Anytime there's a violation of state law within the city, county or state, then, yeah, we will enforce those laws."

On the river, the vast majority of folks welcome the Wardens' presence and inform them of trouble. "We had some people invite us to dinner tomorrow night and that's what you get out of a lot of families that are out there," says Lewis.  Urben says, "But just like anywhere, there's a small element that wants to come out here and drink too much or do drugs, and then they're a problem for everybody else."


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