Consultant to study wastewater plan

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - If something isn't done relatively soon, the state will mandate the expansion of the Hollywood wastewater plant, which would be an expensive project. A potential plan could save the city time and money. The City is thinking of building a smaller plant in the Northeast. The city hired a consultant Tuesday to see if the plan is feasible. A report is expected in six months.

Generally, waste south of i-40 is piped to the Hollywood Road facility and waste north of i-40 is piped to the River Road facility.

The problem is most of the city's growth is in the south and waste from northeast Amarillo, the prisons and airport, is piped to Hollywood.

Emmett Autrey, Director of Utilities for the City of Amarillo says, "When the sewers were built to serve that area out there they did not anticipate the coming of the prisons. And when you add 4000 inmates and then all the people who work out there, it works out to about a 900,000 gallon a day flow."

By building a smaller, less expensive wastewater plant in the Northeast, the city could save two-million of gallons of flow off the Hollywood Road Plant, thereby deferring for about ten years, minimum,  having to expand the Hollywood plant.

After the waste is treated at the Hollywood Wastewater plant, clean water is then shipped down to Lake Tanglewood, and also sent the 14 miles north up to the XCEL plant.  A new plant in the Northeast could replace the effluent flow to XCel, which would be closer and downhill, saving money. The new plant could be place on city property by the prison.

Autrey says, "The way that we manage that flow out there will have an actual effect on the rest of the system."