Levi King Trial... Day Two

Before you read this, just a warning that some of you may find this report disturbing.

It was another dramatic day inside the Levi King courtroom on Friday. It was day two of the punishment phase in his capital murder trial. The morning began with Texas Ranger Foster taking the witness stand, continuing his testimony from Thursday. Prosecuting District Attorney Lynn Switzer questioned him on details of the Pampa crime scene, as well as had him open several pieces of evidence, including bullets.

The second witness called to the stand was the family veterinarian. He went to high school with Michell Conrad and had known Brian Conrad for several years. He treated their dog, Molly. Molly was also fatally shot when King attacked their family in September, 2005.

The third witness was Dr. Elizabeth Miller, the woman who conducted the autopsies. She said that each of the victims, 31 year old Brian Conrad, 35 year old Michell Conrad, and Michell's 14 year old son Zach Doan, all suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Brian and Zach were each shot three times. Michell was shot five times. She was pregnant when she was murdered. King's attorney's objected to showing autopsy photos of her unborn child with bullet fragments lodged in its head, but the Judge allowed them to be shown. Those photos, along with others, many up-close images of the bullet entry and exit points, were displayed on large television monitors. At this point, many of the victim's family members got up and left the courtroom, obviously too distraught to look at the images. Those family members who stayed inside the courtroom sat close together, and put their arms around each other, searching for some kind of comfort as they looked at those images.

Levi King's back was to us today, so we couldn't see his face to read his emotions. We did see that be brought in some sort of container that appeared to have pens and pencils inside. It looked like he was sketching or writing on a notepad throughout the entire trial this morning.

The Judge called for a recess around noon, allowing the jury to go home early and begin their Labor Day Weekend plans. Everything is expected to resume in the Lubbock County Courthouse at 8AM on Tuesday.