Koman Amarillo is helping Women Year Round

One women is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minuets. The Amarillo Susan G. Koman for the Cure is gearing up for the big race at the end of the month.

KZBZ will be spotlighting these volunteers and their cause.

There is a lot that goes into the race for the cure all year round.

The Greater Amarillo Affiliate is part of the 125 member network of the Susan G. Koman for the cure.

Amarillo raised 750-thousand in breast health and breast cancer awareness programs."So for example there is a women in perryton mabey between jobs she can come to amarillo receive a mammogram by Komen at the Harrington Breast Center that's a direct result of all the hard work in our community," said Lisa Hoff Davis, Exect. Director.

75 percent of the money raised in Amarillo helps Texas Panhandle women.

Local events all year include golf tournaments, Pink Sunday, Schawans promo drive and the BMW Utlimate drive.

The number one thing women can do is early detection."Help detect cancer earlier because the earlier you detect the chances of survival are greater.