Drug Rehab Harder Here

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Some experts say it's almost impossible for people to stay clean from drugs and alcohol in our area. That's because the panhandle lacks a vital part of the treatment process.

The panhandle region has no 30-day treatment facilities for addictions. That means that people go through detox; then they're right back to their normal lives.

That can make it difficult to keep from relapsing. The nearest long term rehab center is in Lubbock. But it often has a waiting list that's three to four weeks long.

Experts say the reason there is no 30-day treatment in the panhandle is because the funding just isn't there. Private businesses typically lose money on facilities like these, and the region is often overlooked when it comes to state grants because we lack the needed political clout.

But there is something that's being done to bring a treatment facility to our region. Tune in tonight at 10 for a look at that effort.