Distracted Driving... Is Your Teen Safe?

Amarillo ISD is giving your teens a chance to see just how dangerous distracted driving can be. It's the new "Let it Ring" project.

It's basically three computer monitors set up to look like you're sitting behind the wheel... And it comes complete with a cell phone that rings and receives text messages.

Their hope is that when teens see how long their eyes are off the road when responding to that text message or answering that phone call, they'll see how serious the consequences can be.

State Farm's Amelia Folkes says, "They see their scores and actually see what happens. Oh whoa. I missed that stop sign or I didn't see that person crossing the road because I was on the phone. And I think sometimes that experience is what makes a youth the importance of putting down that phone."

The statistics are shocking... Your twice as likely to get into a crash while texting than you are while driving drunk. The simulator was unveiled at Amarillo High on September first, and over the next six months, it will make an appearance at all four AISD high schools.

9th and 10th graders will use it during school, and juniors and seniors can sit behind the wheel during designated parent nights.

Not only is texting and driving dangerous, it's now against the law, for some teens, as of September 1st. For those who are under 18 and have licenses issued anytime after today, it is now illegal to use a cell phone while behind the wheel.