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Rural Doctor Shortage Solution

Stratford, TX - Right now 22 counties in west texas have no physicians, more than 30 lack hospitals and 10 don't even have nurse practitioners. But technology unveiled in Stratford today aims at fixing all of that.

It's called telemedicine. It removes the need for a patient and doctor to be in the same location.

This time, the patient was a young girl from Stratford. Normally her family has to drive over 400 miles to El Paso to see the specialists. But these cameras and conferencing system made it possible for her to see two specialists from Lubbock without leaving town.

Now this technology is a couple of years old, but what is new is it's use in the panhandle.

The pilot project is being funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

That agency in conjunction with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will be opening 30 of these sights around the region.

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