Continuing Coverage: Levi King Murder Trial

One of the Texas panhandle's most high profile murder cases is now postponed due to a delay in DNA evidence.

King is on trial for murdering a Pampa family in 2005.

The trial was set to start in Lubbock this morning. Around 10am, the defense called for a continuance because all the DNA results were not back from the lab.

King's attorney says he absolutely cannot go on with the case until those results are in. The results are expected back in about five to six business days.

This continuance also gives the defense time to finish talking to witnesses in Missouri, many of whom knew Levi King when he was growing up.

They have 18 witnesses to take depositions from in Missouri. The Gray County District Attorney requested King undergo a psych evaluation.

There is a gag order in place. So as far as when that evaluation will happen, or what kind of DNA evidence we're talking about... No one is allowed to comment.

The trial is expected to resume sometime early next week.