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Randall County courthouse interior fundraising efforts

By Sarah Seeley
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - The outside of the Randall County courthouse is yet to be completed, but one local business is already stepping up to help fund renovations for the inside.

Historical Commission officials say the county is still two years away from starting the interior renovation funding process.

But efforts to raise that money are already underway.

The exterior renovation of the 1909 Randall County courthouse is scheduled to be finished early next year.

After that, the north annex building will come down.

Then starts the campaign to fix-up the interior.

That project is expected to cost around six million dollars.

"The official fundraising may be a few years out depending on the availability of the funding from the state and the county and so forth, but the local turnout is great," said Mark Wilson, previous member of the Committee for Restoration. 

That local turnout has already raised $2,500 for future courthouse renovations.

Next week the local McDonalds is jumping on that fund-raising band wagon.

They are donating 50% of their proceeds during their grand re-opening Thursday.

"We know they've been wanting to raise money for it for a long time," said Brandon Clavel, McDonalds Director of Marketing.  "No better way to do that and thank the community than to do it this way."

The Canyon business hopes their efforts to kick off fundraising for the interior restoration will jump-start efforts of others in the area.

The Randall County Historical Commission tells us they intend to apply for $4 million from the Texas Historical Commission.

But they will not meet for another two years.

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