Slowing Drop-outs or Shorting Kids?

Amarillo, TX - School's only been underway for a week now, but teachers are already noticing a big difference from last year.

Several traditional classes just don't have the enrollment they once did. It all has to do with a controversial decision from the Texas legislature.

They decided that starting this year, requirements for graduation should be more lax.

That means, there are several classic classes that students no longer have to take. On the list of courses that are now electives: technology, health, speech and the amount of physical education has been reduced.

Now individual school districts can still choose to require some of these classes.

For example, Amarillo has kept the requirements for health and speech but waived those for technology and PE.

School officials say this new plan allows for more room for electives, which can help keep kids in school and prepare them for the workforce.