Bugs thriving after record rainfall

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An insect problem is growing worse because of the increased amount of rain the area is seeing.

Ed Bynum of the Agrilife Extension Service has been checking a moth trap. He says he's seen more than a thousand in the traps at one time lately.  The moths lay eggs that create fall army worms and they are pests to grain sorghum and wheat and corn.  He says producers probably need to be scouting their fields to check for the worms in their sorghum heads.

This month has produced a record amount of rain for August, more than nine inches, almost an all-time record.  Rain brings bugs, like mosquitos. Mosquitos can spread West Nile Virus and encephalitis.

Donna Makkhavane of the City of Amarillo says, "We are continuing to do all our efforts, spraying and larvaciding and all that, any efforts that we do trying to control mosquito population."

Standing water is the main culprit for mosquito breeding. Remove it if you can. Mosquitos also affect pets. The bugs can transmit heartworm.

Dr. David Faulkner of the Hope Veterinary Clinic says, "You can get preventatives for that. And that's real important especially with more rain than I can ever recall."

Horses can be affect by biting flies. Fleas and ticks are also on the rise. Over the counter medicines may be too strong for

Faulkner says he's seen a lot of small dogs and cats hurt by over the counter flea and tick products.  He says Frontline and Advantix are the brands recommended by vets for small dogs and cats.