Now-Over Cash For Clunkers Still Helping Used Car Dealers

Bobby Duby, Bobby Duby Motors
Bobby Duby, Bobby Duby Motors
Jerry Beaton, Beaton's Auto Sales
Jerry Beaton, Beaton's Auto Sales

by Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Despite its focus on getting people out to new car dealerships, Cash for Clunkers is apparently boosting sales at used car dealerships.

The word we are getting from used car dealers is Cash for Clunkers basically lit a fire under consumers.

Don't let the full car lots fool you.  Owners say cars have been flying out of them for the last month and a half during Cash for Clunkers.

Bobby Duby, owner for Bobby Duby Motors, says "they may go to the new ones first and new cars are expensive and they're selling like crazy, they've actually sold out. I think it's just a bug. You want a new car but it's too expensive so now you buy a used car."

Jerry Beaton of Beaton's Auto Sales says "it made a difference in the mentality both from the buyer's standpoint of now is the time to buy and dealers are going to go ahead and do better deals on the cars."

In fact, Beaton says he lowered some of his prices to close the sale.

Although used car prices have been relatively lower for the the past month and a half, keeping them that way for months to come hinges on one thing.

Beaton says, "it all depends on if the business is still there. The more the business, the more competitive we are."

He says he expects his sales to be up 30 percent over this time last year, while Duby expects to sell 30 more cars this month than he did in August of last year.