Local attorney jailed

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Local attorney David Duncan is in custody in the Randall County jail Wednesday.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren says Duncan has been charged with misapplication of fiduciary funds and the D.A.'s asking for a $500,000 bond.

Wednesday afternoon the Amarillo Police Department swat team in cooperation with the Randall County District Attorney's office served a search warrant at Duncan's law office.

APD officers loaded client files into a large white trailer. The files remain sealed and under the supervision of retired judge Richard Dambold who signed the warrant.

The grand jury investigation has been continuing for months. D.A. Farren says, ""Amarillo Police Department brought a couple of cases to us in which there were allegations by clients of improprieties. That doesn't make them true, that makes them an allegation. We issued some Grand Jury subpoenas and obtained some banking records and from those we learned some additional information which led us to believe that there was additional improprieties taking place."

Because of attorney/client privilege, the D.A. can't look at the files without permission. Farren's asking any client of Duncan's to call the D.A.s office if they suspect financial improprieties. "We really hope to hear from folks who utilize their services so that they can help us determine whether or not they are in fact victims, if there are any victims."

Farren says this has been a massive case for the D.A.'s office.